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Lumarai Wheels - Lumarai Morro Chrome

Lumarai, the perfect fit for Lexus vehicles. Lumarai wheels is a brand born out of necessity. After market Lexus wheels that fit correctly on a Lexus is a rarity. Since Lumarai wheels are created with the sole purpose of fitting perfectly on Lexus, they fill the void.

Lexus vehicles have a precise and sometimes sensitive suspension making it extremely important that any wheel you put on your Lexus is hub-centric. Lumarai wheels are engineered to be perfectly hub-centric on Lexus vehicles.

All Lumarai wheels accept O.E. Air sensors, O.E. Lexus Center caps and O.E. lugnuts.

Available Sizes: 17x8, 18x8, 18x9.5, 19x8, 19x9.5, 20x8.5, 20x10
Available Bolt Patterns: 5x114.3, 5x120

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